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Safety with Gun Safes
Letter to the Editor,
  Guns Magazine, July 2022

The $50 key that opens all safes: used cheap gun to the temple.

Keep safes out of sight.  Show your collection only to trusted individuals and tell them never to mention it to anyone.  Bolt down a safe to the floor.  The fronts are typically thick to impress buyers, but the backs and sides are often sheet metal.  Provide your significant other with the combination unless you want them to die or be beaten because they can not open the safe.






Ultrasonic Firearm
Cleaning, A Two Part Series,
  American Gunsmith, January, February 2014

Ultrasonic cleaners are another variety of tool that is gaining in popularity among gunsmiths, now that these devices have become more affordable. But just as the wrong screwdriver can ruin a firearm, so too can an ultrasonic cleaner if used improperly. There is surprisingly little detailed, credible information on this subject and the classic gunsmithing books were written long before the invention of ultrasonic cleaning. In this series, we’ll explore all of the relevant dimensions of ultrasonic cleaning in the context of gunsmithing. Because this is a subject area that has not been adequately covered in the past and much of it may be unfamiliar to even expert gunsmiths, we chose to fully explore ultrasonics in a two-part series.

Part One: Covers the background on ultrasonic cleaning, its evolution in firearm cleaning and the current state of the technology
(0.6 MB file download)
Part Two: Cleaning techniques, what the experts say about ultrasonic cleaning, essential tipsand list of dos and don’ts and what to look for in a unit.
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Aerial Gunnery


Ultrasonic Cleanersrial, Small Arms Review, SAR Vol. 18, No. 1, Jam.-Feb., 2014

Ultrasonic cleaning units can be a tremendous time-saver and can perform certain operations that are all but impossible using solvents and manual brushing. But they also come with potential issues. Not surprisingly, there are hundreds of opinions about ultrasonic cleaning on the firearm forums. They cover the spectrum from favorable to very negative and from sensible precautions to absurd recommendations. Why all the disagreement? This article covers the background on ultrasonic cleaning, its evolution in firearm cleaning, and the current state of the technology. It summarizes proper cleaning techniques and essential tips provided by national experts working in the firearm industry.







Firearm Finishing Methods: A to Z, American Gunsmith, August 2009

Today’s gunsmith can offer his customer choices in metal-finishing methods that range from traditional and “down-to-earth” to Space Age and literally “out of this world.” 










Goof-Proof Removal of the Thompson Barrel -American Gunsmith, November 2008

If you’re ever lucky enough to work on a valuable original, you’ll need some special tools and techniques that might not be necessary for working on the semiautomatic replica.