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Art on the Move

Part 1 – Exclusive interviews with those intimately familiar with a famed Jaguar XKSS

Jaguar Journal May/June 2022

The idea for this two-part story grew out of the discovery of the original artwork of one of the most famous Jaguars in history: the XKSS owned by Steve McQueen.  His "daily driver," or some may claim, "daily racer," is now on permanent display in the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles for all to admire.  However, only a few alive today have seen some of these decades-old images associated with this Jaguar.

Part 1 traces the history of McQueen's XKSS from the personal perspective of the individuals associated with it, including information and images graciously provided by Steve's wife at the time, Neile Adams McQueen.  There are numerous articles about the XKSS and even this specific one, chassis 713.  So the basic facts are there.  However, the human-interest side has seldom been explored . . . until now.





The Model A Ford Runs (Away) Again - Ford Restorer Magazine, November/December 2009

The buzz surrounding the July 2009 release of the movie Public Enemies has rekindled interest in gangster stories and the beautiful cars of the 1930s. Starring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger, the action thriller portrays one of the country's wildest periods in outlaw bank robberies, escapes and car chases. What few will realize is that the actual escape car Dillinger drove in making one of his getaways from the FBI is in the movie. This article depicts the story behind that legendary getaway car.










Getting Satisfaction -
The dos and don'ts of obtaining quality repair and restoration services -Jaguar Journal May/June 2018

Mick Jagger could "get no satisfaction," but realistically, there's an outside chance he may have had something
else in mind besides car repair shops. How satisfied have you been when repairing or restoring your Jaguar? Based on recent interviews and other sources, most Jaguar owners are very satisfied, particularly when obtaining warranty services on new vehicles with dealers. But the exceptions to the rule – the horror stories – dominate discussions at Jaguar club meetings and events.

This article describes key steps to take before, during and after repair and restoration services. Many of these recommendations are common sense. But even seasoned car aficionados may be surprised by some of the information. The article also covers some of the steps shops use to minimize clashes with customers. Just as there are shops from hell, there are also customers from hell.