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MacLeanI are an engineer" as the joke goes about the skills of engineers who write. Most engineers are unable to formulate sentences, use correct grammar, and get the point across clearly. But this engineer can communicate.

Richard MacLean has worked for thirty years within major corporations dealing with workers, managers, and business executives. The past fifteen years have been spent as a consultant to scores of major corporations that needed someone with the skills required to communicate with front-line employees all the way up to top managers. Executives do not have the patience to listen to a lot of words, nor do readers of magazines and journals. Conveying complex information in simple declarative sentences is both an art and a science.

Mr. MacLean has written over 200 articles over the past two decades for major trade association publications and professional journals, including those in the weapons, gunsmithing, police, military, automobile, and outdoor sports-oriented industries. His writings have appeared in publications such as:

His understanding of the gun and outdoor sports industries comes from a lifetime of hunting, fishing, camping, target shooting, and gunsmithing.

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